Early Career Researcher

Conference and Summer School

University of Reading  |  5th-9th September 2016

"Using observations and modelling to understand past climate changes"

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This 5 day residential event at the University of Reading aims to bring together young researchers from the palaeo­observational and climate­ modelling communities and show how their skills can complement each other.

The conference will provide participants with the ability to use modelling tools and palaeo-observations to understand the dynamics of past climate changes. Participants will also present their own work through oral and poster presentations and will have a chance to network with their peers at social events.

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Registration is now open! Click here to find out more.

 Hands on training 

Participants will be trained in the use of simple and complex climate models and in the analysis of climate model output for the past, present and future. They will be introduced to palaeo-observations and given training in comparing model output and palaeo-data.

Conference sessions

There will be presentations from guest speakers, as well as the chance for participants to showcase their own work through oral presentations and poster sessions. This is a great opportunity to network with your peers, as well as discussing and getting feedback on your research from specialists in the field.

Practical activities

Participants will given the opportunity to undertake a field excursion to learn more about collecting palaeodata, attend a laboratory session to learn more about tropical palynology or to have a one-to-one discussion with a senior scientist.